my perpetual notes on the PinePhone Pro

date: may 25, 2024

this page shall serve as a perpetual collection of my notes on the PinePhone Pro.

$ cat introduction

i bought the PinePhone Pro for $399 on my birthday, and i received it 9 days later, including customs. DHL was used as the carrier, and the package was sent from Hong Kong.

the Pro doesn't come with an OS pre-installed, you have to pick one. out of the various options available, i chose postmarketOS.

it took me about an hour to realize that there is protective foil under the battery contacts, and that you have to charge a battery in order to function. :P

Tow-Boot was installed as per the guide.

i chose phosh (stable branch, fuck edge) due to performance and other considerations. (KDE breaks audio and GNOME is slowww...)

update, may 28, 2024: i've switched to mobian -- i like being able to use suspend.


$ ls pics # or it didn't happen

a shot of the PinePhone Pro box, and Pro itself, on a white background. a shot of the internals of the PinePhone Pro box deceit is showbusiness

$ ls good

$ ls bad

$ cat conclusion




[1]: inspired by Jakob Kreuze's blog post.

[2]: PinePhone Pro store page

[3]: if someone could point me to the new Apps page for Lollypop, please let me know! they're retiring the wiki and it's not on

watch The Americans on FX. it's too good.

  ~ spv, 2024.